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Providing Pathways to Unite Families


Before starting law school, opening my law office, and worked at Quist, Fitzpatrick & Jarrard, PLLC as an Associate Attorney and I worked at Knox County General Sessions Criminal Court as a Magistrate Clerk. I obtained immeasurable knowledge, experience, and understanding of criminal charges, search warrants, and civil forfeitures by working along side several magistrates each week with various knowledge of different areas of the law.


I maintain a deep commitment to my clients, providing the highest level of customer service to ensure your questions are answered and needs are met.

 Representing YOU

I have always had a passion for immigration law. An immigration professor with over twenty-five years of experience in immigration was my mentor for the last two years of law school and allowed me to co-run an immigration clinic under her supervision my last year of law school at Centro de Hispano in Knoxville, Tennessee. This gave me the knowledge, hands-on experience, and confidence to have a mission to Provide Pathways to Unite Families across the United States with their family across the world.

I have been working in and out of the courts since 2009. My depth and diversity of knowledge comes from working the Criminal Courts and Civil Courts well before I became an attorney. My experience has provided me an insight on how Family Law and Criminal Law overlap and how they both affect Immigration Law since I started practicing law in 2015.

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