Our Practice

What to Expect

Hiring an attorney can often be very costly. Mr. Stallard is committed to helping you retain your legal rights without having to go broke. Many of his services are flat fee based with payment plans available depending on the matter. Mr. Stallard also offers full representation at an hourly rate between 175.00 and 250.00 an hour.

The increasingly complex legal environment is best served by bringing together lawyers with focused practice knowledge working as a unified team. This belief has enabled the Stallard Law Firm, form a team who can tackle mulitple layers of law and cutural aspects as a case unfolds. 

You will have an attorney answering your questions and advising you from the first communication. Mr. Stallard does not use an answering service, paralegal, or law student to respond to your email request. You will have a licensed attorney from Tennessee responding to your emails.

Mr. Stallard has been working in and out of the courts since 2009. His depth and diversity of knowledge comes from working in the Criminal Courts and Civil Courts well before he became an attorney. His experience has given him an insight on how Family Law and Criminal Law overlap and how they both affect Immigration Law since he started practicing in 2015.

  • Immigraiton Law
    • Green Card
    • Marriage Visas
    • Asylum
    • DACA
    • Adjustment of Status
    • Immigration Waiver
    • Naturalization
  • Criminal Defense
    • Simple Possession
    • Domestic Assault(Asssaults)
    • Thefts(Shoplifiting)
    • Burglary
    • Gun Possession
    • Disorderly Conduct
    • Public Intoxications
  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Child Custody
    • Adoption
    • Conservatorships/ Guardianships
    • Paternity Actions
    • Child Support