Green Card

One can obtain a green card through several Adjustment of Status processes. This is typically called becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident. An immigrant can seek this adjustment if they are married to a US Citizen, another Lawful Permanent Resident, or are the parents or children, employment visas, and asylum/refugee. 


After one has been a Lawful Permanent Resident for five years or three years if married to a US Citizen, one can apply for their citizenship. Additionally, one can obtain citizenship much faster if one joins the military.  Please contact my office to determine if you qualify for naturalization and if any potential roadblocks exist to obtaining it. 


Ayslum is humanitarian relief for individuals suffering a crediable fear of persecution from the government in their home country based on one or more of five protected grounds: RACE, RELIGION, NATIONALITY, POLITICAL OPINION, OR PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUP. 

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